Dag Detter is specialised on public commercial assets and works as an advisor to local and national governments, investors and international financial institutions to help unlock public wealth. As the former President of Stattum, the Swedish government holding company and Director at the Ministry of Industry responsible for government owned enterprises, he led the comprehensive restructuring of the national government portfolio.




StefanStefan Fölster is Director of the Reform Institute with a focus on innovative reforms and Associate Professor in Economics at the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm. He was previously Chief Economist for the Confederation of Swedish Industries.

Dag and Stefan are the co-authors of The Public Wealth of Nations; The Economist –Books of the year 2015 and The Financial Time’s best books of the year 2015, as well as the forthcoming Public Wealth of Cities (Brookings) due early 2017.



David Bauman is a tech-entrepreneur, most recently as Head of Hardware Development at KnC Group, a world leading processing company within Blockchain technology that is running the largest computing centers in Europe. Prior to this he was involved in building intelligent systems for medical technology, electoral systems, trucks and steel mills, as well as surveillance systems for nuclear power stations. David has a M.Sc. from the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm.

David is co-author of Blockchain – Decentralized Trust, published by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum in 2016. The book was commented by for instance Lauri Rosendahl, President of Nasdaq Nordic, and explicitly promoted by for instance Carl Bildt, former Swedish Prime Minister, and former Minister of Foreign Affairs.


jörgJörgen Sigvardsson is real estate specialist with a wide experience of both investments, as well as restructuring and development. He was instrumental in the restructuring of the Swedish government real estate portfolio at both local and national level and has experience from international projects within the public and private sector. Jörgen is currently a Managing Director of Fasticon AB and has a M.Sc. from the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm.




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